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stiefel: Dezember 2018 in Khao Lak

0000ff: gestern am jadebusen

0000ff: himmel über berlin, gestern nach
der tea time
0000ff: Hochschwarzwald, yesterday afternoon

313: Zürich

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Hochschwarzwald, yesterday afternoon

Cumulus by 0000ff (13.05.2018, 13:36)


the sky over the oslo fjord, Saturday afternoon

the sky over the Oslo fjord, Saturday afternoon

Cumulus by 0000ff (12.06.2016, 01:13)


Source: DSC04664b.jpg

Lugano, this evening

Cumulus by 0000ff (05.09.2015, 00:52)


south of leipzig

Cumulus by 0000ff (29.06.2014, 00:44)


etna, sicilia 24.02.14

Cumulus by 0000ff (05.03.2014, 00:54)


trees imitating clouds or clouds imitating trees?

Roma - trees imitating clouds or clouds imitating trees?

Cumulus by wundertuete (28.06.2013, 23:31)


berlin, this midday

Cumulus by 0000ff (11.06.2013, 21:37)